What If Microsoft were to acquire Valve and EA?

Earlier this week a rumor hit the internet that Microsoft was looking to acquire EA, Valve and PUBG. Obviously, this caused much speculation on how this would effect the future of console gaming. Before we begin, remember we are speculating on rumors.

It is said that Microsoft is going to acquire EA; this news is gaining immense attention because with this association, Microsoft’s X-Box one games are sure to be beefed up. Moreover, it would affect market capitalization as well. If Microsoft acquires EA, it would be successful in going ahead of Sony Play Station 4 for sure. Also, some exciting titles can be expected from this association.

Microsoft, who just released their powerhouse Xbox One X late last year, has made it no secret they are in need of powerhouse exclusives. Other than releasing their mid-gen update to the Xbox One last year, there are not many highlights to speak of.

Early in this current generation, Microsoft seemed to have the upper hand when it came to who had the best exclusives. Xbox One owners had access to games like Titan Fall, and they also could look forward to such releases as Gears of War 4 and Halo 5. Sony would launch a series of games that would never live up to expectation such as Killzone 4. Despite launching a series of disappointments, the PS4 would still outsell the Xbox One.

Sony would finally begin to release a series of great exclusives. Fans of the popular Uncharted series were treated to Uncharted 4. Microsoft  has since experienced the opposite. Halo 5 would release in 2015 only to continue it’s downward spiral. Gears of War 4 and PUBG (currently a timed exclusive) are the only recent heavy hitters.

What could purchasing Valve and EA do for Microsoft? The only explanation would be to set up Microsoft for the next generation, since this generation is a wash.

By purchasing Valve, Microsoft would have the rights to Steam and would be able to incorporate the service with their console. But Steam would not be all Microsoft would acquire from purchasing Valve. They would also obtain the rights to games like Half Life. With Microsoft calling the shots, I am willing to bet Half Life fans would finally get Half life 3. Imagine a next generation Half Life 3?  Just having this in their possession could be a giant plus.

EA would be another very big purchase, one that would come with an entire library of sports games. Also, with that purchase comes another heavy hitter, the Battlefield series. Everything mentioned could be made exclusive to their platform.

What does this mean for Sony? The most Microsoft will be able to do is take a slight lead when it comes to systems sold. Of course this would be huge for Xbox. No matter what, there are many loyal PS fans and many people who will always hate Microsoft. With all of  Playstation’s great exclusives, Sony will be fine, at least through the next generation.




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