This week is all about Madden 2018

This week is all about Madden 2018

Madden NFL by EA Games is releasing Madden NFL 18 on the 25th of August 2017, but some lucky players  have had early access to the game since the 17th of August on various platforms.

The August 25th release will be for Xbox One and variations thereof as well as PS4 and the game is available in G.O.A.T. and Standard Editions. The previous cover star was Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots and the new edition features his teammate, Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots.

There is a superstition that players who feature as the cover for the Madden game end up sustaining injuries, often serious, which has been named the “Madden Curse”. When asked if he had heard about the superstition, Brady commented that it was an honor to be chosen as the cover and that he had been playing the game for many years. He grew up near the EA headquarters and says that he does not believe in curses and will face any challenges he happens to come across head on.

Players that purchase the G.O.A.T. Edition will have access to the game from as early as August 22nd. EA Access members that play on Xbox One will be able to play the trial version of the game for up to 10 hours from the 17th of August. EA members will also be offered a discount when purchasing the new Madden release digitally.

The new Madden NFL 18 will be powered by Frostbite, making the game appear very realistic. There will be additions such as weather effects, new fire-works displays, player run-outs and even cityscapes surrounding the stadiums. You also get to choose to play matches that correlate to the real fixtures. This will include the rosters being updated, customized commentary and updated statistics for players and teams. You won’t need to only to the wide receiver anymore either. With target passing being introduced in the new game, you can now pass the ball to whomever you want.

The game features three different styles of play such as : Arcade, which has limited penalties and spectacular plays; Simulation, which plays according to the actual NFL rules and game-play is based on the real game; Competitive, which can earn you big penalties or big rewards depending on your skills. You will also have access to a user interface to help you improve your game and the ability to adjust your strategy via the coach adjustments interface. The Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team modes will still be available and a companion mobile app will allow you to make adjustments to your Franchise from your mobile phone. There is also a Story Mode which has you leading a character to greatness via choices you make to improve or hinder his career. This mode will have no NFL games at all, and depending on the choices you make may get the character to Draft Day, or end his dream of playing in the NFL. It appears that the new game will have a number of aspects to draw fans of Madden to the new release and continue its history of Sporting entertainment.

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