The Walking Dead – Season 8 Episode 11 Recap – Negan Prepares

Walking-Dead-Season-8-episode 11 recapEpisode 11 was a filler episode for the Walking Dead with minimal excitement. The episode served to show some humanity among the Saviours, with Negan being shown as not totally monstrous. Dwight’s back-story shows how Negan added Dwight’s wife to his harem and his disfigurement by Negan. Dwight’s behaviour is based on his fears for his wife more than based on his own conscience or lack thereof. Tara’s attempt to kill Dwight draws a more emotion filled response than should be its due. While Dwight is resigned to being killed by either Tara or Daryl, his path further towards achieving forgiveness shouldn’t be discounted and Tara is seen as a bit of an imbecile as he is needed to stave off the influx of zombies. There were many questions left unanswered at the end of this episode.

Dr Carson and Gabriel’s road trip seemed to ask far too much from the audience in believability, with everything miraculously falling into their hands and Gabriel’s amazing shooting while blind is too good to be true. Dr Carson’s death after escaping bear traps and zombies is rather a downer, to then being shot by a Saviour, but Eugene is served up with an alibi which may help him stay in the good books with Negan. Negan hands him an outpost to manufacture weapons, which could be an interesting spot for him depending on his ultimate loyalties. Hilltop didn’t have too much going on in this episode.

Negan’s plans for the Hilltop people as well as his own incarcerated people may actually see Hilltop’s group swell as opposed to being destroyed by zombies even though Maggie may not be giving in to all the demands of the prisoners. She does at least treat them better now, although she cuts off their rations to ensure her people are taken care of before she feeds the prisoners. Daryl and his group eventually reach Hilltop after travelling through a swampy forest with some of the Alexandrians, to break the news to Enid, Carol and Maggie that Carl is dead. Negan dumps Gabriel with Eugene, who blames Carson for allowing him to escape.

Rick’s arrival at Hilltop is at the same time as Maggie allows the prisoners to take a stroll and stretch their legs. It appears that Siddique has some medical expertise and may assist as a doctor in Carson’s stead. Negan meanwhile is preparing his team by getting them to coat their weapons in the guts of walkers that he has strapped to a fence in their outpost. He also covers his own weapon in zombie intestines and informs his team that this will assist them in the war to come. The next episode will hopefully have a bit more excitement and perhaps some answers to various questions that are still up in the air at the end of the last episode.

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