The Walking Dead’s Pokemon Go-Style Game Trailer And Release Date

The Walking Dead’s Pokemon Go-Style Game Trailer And Release Date


We have been eagerly waiting for the mobile AR game, “The Walking Dead: Our World”, since it was announced last year. The good news is, the game has a release date now. “Our World” will finally be released on July 12th on both the IOS and Android platforms.

The game is guaranteed to generate a Pokemon-Go style experience to the gamers, especially when one is roaming around the neighborhood to play the game. The only exception will be that you will be fighting with zombies instead of catching Pokémon. ” The Walking Dead: Our World” is entirely based on the AR experience, where zombies will come and attack the you. Players will need to act quickly and beat down the zombie. If the player fails to do that, then obviously the zombies will swarm on the player.

The gameplay as seen in the trailer, revolves around traveling from one area to another, full of walkers at different levels of difficulty. This game operates exactly in the same way as Pokemon Go operates. During movement, when the walkers attack the player, the player needs to use his touchscreen to aim, and shoot the walkers. This sounds like a lot of fun. Throughout the expedition, the player can collect weapons. These weapons will be included in the particular player’s collection and he can use them the next time. Basically, these weapons are like reward points that the player collects as he progresses through his mission. As stated by the developer, the game is poised to create an immersive experience which will be tied to the location of the player. Moreover, the game will be aided by location data provided by Google Maps which will cover most of the famous landmarks around the player’s location. Players will explore the surroundings, this could be a breathtaking experience.

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