The end of the current Fortnite playground mode is near



Fortnite’s latest playground mode launched later than anticipated with the first launch only being about a week ago. The launch was initially supposed to be in June but issues with the playground mode led to delay after delay.

The mode finally made its debut properly on the 27th of June but closed shop yet again due to problems that needed repairing. Coming back for players to try yet again on Tuesday, the mode’s life seems to be pretty short with it being revealed that it is going to be offline permanently next Thursday. The mode got relatively good feedback as the playground acts as a training ground for players to practice their skills before heading to the battlefield. The playground can be used to better your building and shooting skills, essentially preparing yourself for what is to come.

The good news is that the mode is only going offline so that something better can take its place. Programmers are already working on the next version. After going offline on the 12th of July, there will be a waiting period until the next version, but there will also be new features to look forward to. The upgraded version is rumored to have one huge change that could make all the difference. Rather than just training your skills and focusing on nothing else, the new version will give you more practice by allowing you to select your team. This could help players get a better idea as to what the final outcome would be on the battlefield. It would allow players to see the highlighted team members on the map, as well as seeing how the traps would affect each team player as well as enemies. Essentially, it gives you a better idea of what to expect on the battlefield than the older version did.

Epic Games is focusing on making the LTM version a permanent part of Fortnite Battle Royale so we should see a far better version very soon. Fans are already quite excited with this news and have left positive feedback online as well. The playground mode offers you the chance to play with friends while exploring your tracks, building or even just blowing stuff up without having to worry about losing anything. Overall, it is the less stressful mode being offer.

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