Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Receives Xbox One Update

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Receives Xbox One Update

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a battle royale style survival game has been a work in progress for the Xbox One. Although the game has not been “fully released” at this point, it still manages to make waves and grow in popularity.  PUBG as it is also called may be in need of a few fixes and finishes, however the game has still managed to  attract over 3 million players on the Xbox One

After releasing a patch to fix issues on the PC version of the game,  the developer has now released a patch  for the Xbox One.

Included in the Xbox One Patch:

Allows Holding  LT to aim down site

Allows Holding LB to use 3rd person aim

Memory related crash fixes

Fixed issue where players relocated out of play until the end of the game.

Fixed issue where players could not join a squad or duo though invites outside of game.

New controller preset added to controller guide

Reduced  rubber banding


According to the developer the following two issues will be addressed in the next patch:

When a player is forced to switch weapons due to dropping something.

While tapping right on the D-Pad the player is prevented from switching grenades.

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