Master Chief Will Play A Larger Role In Halo Infinite

Master Chief Will Play A Larger Role In Halo Infinite



One of the most awaited announcement in E3 2018 was about Halo Infinite on XBOX One. This was highly anticipated since Halo Infinite comes three years after Halo 5. However, gamers were thoroughly disappointed as developers didn’t reveal many details about the game. The makers didn’t want to name it as Halo 6, since Halo Infinite is not a sequel to Halo 5. Microsoft did launch the trailer of the game in E3 2018, but later it was stated that the video was a demonstration of the game engine, which was based on the proprietary Slipspace engine. To be precise, it looked more like the demonstration of the game engine rather than the game itself.

Chris Lee, who is the studio head of 343 Industries, later said that usage of Slipspace engine strategically helped the developers to develop the game in the way they wanted. So, basically the trailer shown in E3 2018 could be described as the prototype of the original game. Undoubtedly, the demo was quite impressive; with spectacular, sprawling environments. We also spotted some new creatures in the environment which were shown in demo.

Even though Microsoft has maintained that it is not a sequel to Halo 5: Guardians, it is believed that Halo Infinite picks up the events from the last installment of the game, and takes it forward. The game is poised to focus on Master Chief, along with storylines associated with him. This is indeed a positive development, as the last edition moved away from Master Chief. This left many of the gamers disappointed, since the storyline was split between Agent Locke and Master Chief. Keeping this feedback in mind, developers of Halo Infinite have decide to give a much meatier role to Master Chief.

Some unconfirmed rumors suggest that the game will be launched in two modes, single player and multi-player. While the single player will be launched by end of 2019, the multi-player version will be available by mid 2020.

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