Fortnite: Battle Royale Weapon Going to “The Vault”

Fortnite: Battle Royale Weapon Going to “The Vault”

After just adding the deadly crossbow, popular online shooter Fortnite: Battle Royale will be removing a weapon, at least temporarily. In other words, this would be a good time to get jamming on the SMG, that is if you are someone who uses this weapon. We do not know for how long, but Epic Games has decided to place this weapon in the “vault”



The news was announced by a representative of Epic Games on Reddit. “As we add more weapons, consumables, and other item types, we want to make sure that the balance of itemization isn’t ruined” said the rep. According to the rep, this part of a continuous cycle where items and weapons will be cycled in and out. We will have to see how players react to the SMG getting the “vault ” treatment. For some of my regular squad mates, this is their main weapon.

The update is to take place on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which will still allow some versions of the weapon to stay in the game. This also sounds like it will be “temporary”.

Along with removing the SMG, Epic has shared other plans it has for their popular shooter. Fortnite will be getting a 60 FPS mode along with an update to it’s 50 vs 50 mode. The developer has stated that more weapons, match types and modes are in the works. Some of which will be temporary.

The game has seen a series of updates since the beginning of it’s open beta period. A recent update gave players access to a crossbow with infinite ammo. If you are fortunate enough to come across this weapon and you have good aim, then you probably made out. I have found myself on the receiving end of this silent and deadly weapon a few times in the short period since it was first introduced.

While still in beta, some interesting developments appear to be ahead as the developer processes feedback and rolls out updates.




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