Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Review

Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Review

In this review we will focus only on Galactic Assault mode in multiplayer. The reason for this is as old school Battlefront players who spent countless hours playing the original games made by Pandemic Studios, we believe Galactic Assault mode is what makes up what is supposed to be the identity of the series.The campaign and the other modes in our opinion are just things we would consider to be something extra.

So here we are, 12 years since Pandemic released the original Battlefront 2 and we have had a couple of cancelled attempts at a Battlefront game and a horrible representation of Battlefront released in 2015 by EA, The mega publisher now gives us another game with Battlefront in the name. Is it worthy of using the name Battlefront? I am pretty sure of how most old school fans would answer this question. Is it at least some type of improvement over EA’s last attempt which was no where near being worthy of using the name Battlefront?

First we will start with the good. The maps and level design are a big improvement compared to the core maps that came with Battlefront 2015. Maps like Kamino and the Death Star 2 look superb. Although many old school fans like myself will always like the original layout of the Pandemic build of Kamino which was more open and involved more shooting from one platform to another, there is nothing at all wrong with the build DICE gave us which takes place more inside the cloning facility. Another map that we were very impressed with was Endor, DICE did an excellent job on this map and I would go as far as saying the layout was every bit as good if not better than Pandemic’s interpretation of Endor. The foliage looks beautiful along with everything else found in this map. I am looking forward to seeing what else they have coming to us in the form of maps when all of the DLC is released. Having said all of this I am sorry to also say the excitement ends there.

The game may look great and run smooth keeping a steady frame rate ( at least on the Xbox One X) along with no glitches or bugs of any significance to be found , however there is still something missing from the feel of the game. There seems to be a general sluggishness when it comes to the feel of combat leaving the player feeling tired instead of addicted. It is just not up to par with games like Battlefield or even COD in this area. It is hard to believe I am saying this about a game that was made by the same studio that makes the Battlefield series but the feel of the game seems slightly outdated on some level.

The downfalls of EA Battlefront 2 do not end with the games feel, No hardcore mode? Will we get one? Can only crouch? Can’t lay down?

I can understand getting superheros and other characters by earning points in the game but what about the vehicles? Shouldn’t the vehicles already be out and available for the first player who can get to them as found in Battlefield and the original Battlefront games? Another problem is the lack of weapons customization, DICE is the king of this, why is this not present in this game?

At the end of it all, the multiplayer just does not match the level of excitement found in the original Battlefront games or DICE’s own Battlefield. The maps are there for the most part but yet DICE and EA somehow still miss the mark on their second attempt at Battlefront even in the multiplayer I am sorry to say. Maybe what they should have done was just rebuild the original Battlefront 2.
We will be following this game, if any updates are released that improve these areas of the game we will adjust our Battlefront 2 multiplayer review accordingly.

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