Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode And Everything We Know So Far

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode And Everything We Know So Far

Battlefield V is already in the news for it’s rave reviews from E3 2018. It will feature a solo campaign mode, along with online multi-player mode and battle royale mode. It is already believed that Battlefield V is capable of delivering an explosive experience as it is set in WW2. It is going to be a much more realistic experience for players in comparison to previous editions.

Battlefield V will have three different release dates, as reported by EA. The first release will happen on October 11th when the EA Access Trial will be released for EA Access subscribers on Xbox One. The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition will be released on October 16th, followed by the standard edition on October 19th. The deluxe edition is the premium version of this game.

Players who got a chance to play Battlefield V at E3 have shared rave reviews about this game. This next installment is said to be much more refined in comparison to previous versions and is full of tweaks; the experience is nothing short of utterly grossing as well as gripping.

This upcoming installment has some niche features. For example, the maps are designed in such a way so that players can quickly identify the corridors that are suitable for mini-battles as well as regions that are available for vehicular based battles. Similarly, whenever the vehicles are getting added to the mix, the real-time construction damage of the Frostbite engine comes into picture. During the battle, the scenes of destruction create a realistic experience in the mind of players. Also, in this next edition there are multiple avenues where the player can simply duck, dive and save himself. Indeed, it sounds like there are some good things coming to the next Battlefield game.

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