Battlefield Bad Company 3: Why we may also get a Battlefield game in 2019

Battlefield Bad Company 3: Why we may also get a Battlefield game in 2019

Last month many fans of the Battlefield series especially old school fans got their hopes up when a well known and respected Youtuber made the initial claim that Battlefield Bad Company 3 would be the next installment in the BF series. Many specifics were mentioned about what would be the third installment of the Bad Company series such as the game being set during Vietnam and post Vietnam time period. Due to this individuals recent success at predicting the release of Battlefield one along with many specifics of that game, many had reason to put faith in his current prediction.

Soon after Youtuber ( TheAlmightyDaq  ) stirred up the internet with his prediction, Eurogamer came forward and reported that sources close to them informed them that BC3 was basically a short lived idea that was scraped.

Following Eurogamer’s take on the matter, TheAllMightyDaq would quickly back off his initial claim that Bad Company 3 would be the next installment in the series but instead we would get a WW2 game in 2018. However the Youtuber did not completely retract from his BC3 prediction. He would instead claim that 2019 would give us our long awaited third installment in the Bad Company series.

For those of you who have never played any of the Bad Company games, Bad Company 2 is considered to be one of the best Battlefield games ever made, especially by the older school fans. Bad Company 2 shares much of the credit for building the Battlefield name.

The main pint I will try to make here is that it is likely that we also get a Battlefield game in 2019. The second point is that game may not actually be called “Bad Company 3” but in other ways may fit TheAlmightyDaq’s description of the game he said was to be BC3. Before I do this I will remind you that this is just speculation that is built on likely possibilities.

The first likely possibility that I will establish is that 2018 will give us a BF WW2 game. This is based on 1 Daqs track record and 2 the success that BF1 ( set in WW1) had along with the current demand for WW2 games. It makes sense to put money into developing and marketing something that currently would be the sure thing. The window for this is still wide open but will not last forever, like anything.

Since Bad Company 2 released, we have had 2 modern era games with BF3 and BF4, a WW1 game released in 2016 and if the current predictions are true, we will have a WW2 installment later this year. After this the WW1 / WW2 thing will need a short rest especially when you take into consideration Call of Duty also just released their own WW2 game. EA/DICE realize this so where do they go from here? Do we go back to a modern era game? It would work, people will be ready or at least open to the idea. Or do we go somewhere else? Maybe to a a time period we have not visited since Black Ops 1? How about going back to the Cold War? Would it not be a perfect time for that? Is it possible that Dice sees this the same way? We can only hope.

What if the idea of naming a game BC3 was scraped but the idea of making a game that takes place during the Cold War is still alive and in development? Is this possible?

A Battlefield Game in 2018 and 2019? Whether or not 2018 is WW2 and 2019 is BC3 or some other Cold War era game, there is for sure a window and opportunity allowing a 2018 and 2019 Battlefield release. I personally believe that this is the route EA will take.
EA realizes the Battlefront name is severely damaged thanks to 1 the game not being that good and 2 all of the pre launch drama that I will not get into here. I would expect EA to release a different type of Star Wars game made by a different studio to launch along side the next movie giving the Battlefront name a much needed rest. Leaving DICE to work on something else, perhaps with the help of other studios as in the case of Battlefront 2. According to The AlmightyDaq, DICE LA was working on the so called Bad Company 3. Although DICE LA has never built a BF game from scratch, I am sure it is possible with DICE Sweden looking over their shoulder and contributing.

This would not be the first time DICE has released a Battlefield game within a smaller than 2 year window. This would be a great way to compete against their rival Call of Duty in back to back years, especially if the game materializes matching the description given to it by TheAlmightyDaq.
I will leave this for the time being with two things to take into consideration , the first one being that it is well know that DICE along with other studios and publishers have their Youtubers they use to leak info through. The second is Daq’s previous track record. In order to make such an accurate prediction about Battlefield one, he must have know somebody right?



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