Battlefield 1 DLC Map Prise De Tahure Now Free To Non Premium Members

Battlefield 1 DLC Map Prise De Tahure Now Free To Non Premium Members

Battlefield 1 Prise De Tahure Now Free

Released in November of 2016, popular FPS Battlefield 1 has released a series of DLC map packs since it was first launched.  Prise De Tahure, a “They Shall Not Pass” expansion map has now been made available for free to non premium members. Previously a player either needed to have a premium membership or have purchased “They Shall Not Pass” ‘ in order to play Prise De Tahure.

Prise De Tahure is a night map that takes place in an urban environment, similar to the core map Amiens which takes place during the day. This night time urban map features multi story red bricked buildings, many of which are severely damaged but yet usable. Like other Battlefield 1 maps. Prise De Tahure  also features piles of rubble. Prise is not as sniper friendly as in the case of many other Battlefield 1 maps due to the buildings and map layout, players instead find themselves running through alleys and down old streets gunning in the night.

This fun night time map will not be the only content that non premium members get to play. The company has announced that content from other DLC will also be made temporarily available to non premium members. All players will get to access content from “In The Name Of The Tsar” and “They Shall Not Pass” until January 22.

Premium members also received some good news today. Expected later this month, the remaining maps from “Turning Tides” will be released. No specific release date details have been mentioned but we can expect they are coming very soon.

Premium members also have one more entire DLC map pack “Apocalypse”  to look forward to. No details have yet been mentioned concerning the time period of release. According to the developer “Apocalypse” will  feature “the most infamous battles of WW1”

By making the mentioned DLC temporarily available, players will have a chance to see exactly what they have been missing from the Battlefield WW1 experience.



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