Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC and final multiplayer review

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC and final multiplayer review


EA and D.I.C.E released Apocalypse this week, the final DLC for their popular WW1 military shooter Battlefield 1. Here we will not only provide a Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Review but we will also review the entire Battlefield 1 multiplayer experience. Now that we have access to all of the maps, we have experienced the multiplayer in full. Battlefield’s campaign will not be included in this review.


Battlefield 1 DLC Apocalypse

We will begin with Battlefield’s latest DLC release. This may give away how I feel about the entire multiplayer experience.

Just under a year and a half since the game was originally released, we finally have the last DLC. Apocalypse comes with 5 maps and two of those take place in the air. In the DLC map ‘London Calling”,  players get to hop in planes and zeppelins for an all out air battle over guess which city…….. London.

The DLC also comes with three ground maps, two of them I would love to say great things about. There is just one problem, all of the ground maps look and play just like other BF1 maps. If I were judging these maps individually, I would give high ratings to both “River Somme” and “Caporetto”. Unfortunately, the game needs more diversity and the ground maps just don’t deliver on that end.


“Passchendaele”, the other ground map, takes place at night.  Just like another night map released in a previous DLC, in “Passchendaele” players find themselves fighting in darkness, trenches, smoke, holes and around destroyed structures. After looking at all of the BF1 maps collectively, this is a map the game really did not need.

The Entire Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Experience.

Unlike the game’s predecessor Battlefield 4 which spent months being fixed,  BF1 launched with only a few issues. Most of the WW1 shooter’s problems were minor and were quickly corrected.

Battlefield One ran smoother than any previous BF game did on console. On the Xbox One X, the frame rate stayed very consistent and close to 60 fps, even without receiving an update. During my many hours of play, I noticed very few problems when it came to hit detection. BF1 displayed a nice clean picture, and was easier to see into the distance compared to previous console versions of  the game.

Battlefield One’s hardcore mode does have a minor problem that sticks out. While playing in hardcore, the game is late when notifying the player that they are looking at one of their own team mates. This leads to team kills and hesitation leading to getting yourself killed by the enemy. There are some players that avoid hardcore because of this very reason. This small issue aside, hardcore mode is still great when it is true hardcore mode that you are playing in.

Another issue effecting hardcore mode can be found right in the server browser. In previous games in the series, the player had three options to choose from, normal, hardcore and infantry. The developer took a different approach in Battlefield One, making the selection process not as straight forward.  The developer instead went with “custom games”, allowing players too many customization options. The result in many cases was bullet damage not even being set to 200%. Many times the bullet damage was not increased at all in games labeled as custom.

New game modes were introduced to BF fans such as “Front Line” and “Operations”. Both modes pushed and directed the action very well on most maps. Both “Front Line” and “Operations” were received very well by fans- I would expect to see them in the upcoming BF game being released later this year.

One area where Battlefield 1 fell short was the maps. This in my opinion is where the game really gets dragged down.

As I mentioned above, when grading these maps individually, most of them are good. However, too many of them have too much in common with each other. Despite having a couple stand out maps like “Ballroom Blitz”, “Avion” and “Amiens”, many of the maps looked and played the same. When comparing BF1 maps with BF4 maps, clearly BF4 maps came out on top. Battlefield 4 maps are more intricate. For example, take any “Final Stand” DLC map. Of course many other examples can be found in BF4. Intricacy is clearly missing in Battlefield One’s map selection, instead most of the maps are dull and became boring very quickly.

One can make the argument that this is something that should be expected from a game that takes place during the time period of WW1 and the developer was just staying true. If this is the case, then maybe it is best to return to the modern era.

Instead of  grading BF1 using stars, numbers or percentages, I will instead point out that I do like BF1 and had fun playing it. However, I do have to say that Battlefield 3 and 4 were much better experiences. Battlefield seems like it may have lost it’s soul in BF1.

After playing The Apocalypse DLC for the last 3 days, I am already bored and will be going back to BF4 while it still lives.


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