8K Televisions Are Coming, But You May Have No Reason To Be Excited

It may seem like 4K just entered the world yesterday, and yet many of us still have not caught up to the over-hyped world of 4K (The graph below will explain what I mean by over-hyped). Whether you are someone who is looking into buying a brand new 4k TV or you just recently went and dished out the big bucks for a state of the art ultra 4K TV with all of the specs, you are now hearing that 8K televisions are right around the corner.

If you do not already own a 4K TV you may be wondering if you should hold out until 8K sets arrive in stores. If you just went out and bought a 4K set you may be wondering if your new set will soon be obsolete. The answer to both questions is no!!!

For those of you who own a 4K television, you probably noticed  there is a shortage of content. Television broadcasts especially are a long way from capturing and delivering a true 4K experience. This will still be the case even by the time 8K sets are available in stores. Sure there are online streaming services that  deliver  in 4K quality and we are finally seeing gaming consoles catch up with the release of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X,  however these new consoles still struggle to produce native 4K when frame rate comes into play. There is still catching up to do and yet we have 8K  televisions arriving  in the not so distant future.

When the 8K sets become widely available not only will they be unsupported but they will most likely be very expensive. If you are a console gamer one thing to take into consideration is that it is highly unlikely the next gen consoles will be able to support true 8K,  unless the next generation also does a mid gen upgrade.

The biggest issue with 8K may not be the lack of early support. Take all of this out of the equation  and lets pretend that we live already  in a world where 8K everything is available, everything from video games to live television broadcasts. yet there would still be one problem. Depending on the television size and how close you are sitting to it, you may not receive the “full 8K experience”.

To get an idea of what would be required to receive a true 8K experience, below is a graph showing what is required to experience the full benefits of both 1080p and 4K.

As you can see even on a 50 inch 4K set, assuming the viewer has 20/20 vision, it is required the viewer sit around 3 ft from their television to experience 4K in its full.  Do you already sit that close to your television?  The point being made here is there would be almost no reason to go from a 50 inch 4K to a 50 inch 8K television . Unless you intend on buying a very large television or projector screen, there is not much to look forward to when it comes to 8K.






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